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Language Development

Hello Parents and Families!

This post is an extension from our July Newsletter about Language Development. Many parents wonder if their child is on the right path for developing language skills, so this is a tool to help guide you in the Montessori way ;-)

In our newsletter I gave you some ideas to increase your literacy environment at home:

~Ways to teach your child to LOVE books

~Selecting Books

~Reading to your child

~Word Play Activities

Today I would like to share the next steps in Language Development:

1. The Phonetic Alphabet: In Montessori, we teach the alphabet sounds before we teach the names. At First, this may seem uncomfortable from the way we were taught as children. However, in this style we also teach how to trace the letter(like in sand) in the same direction you would write the letter. Through these activities your child will gain a much better understanding of the letter itself.

~Start out with 2 focus letters at a time until your child has mastered them.

Remember make this a FUN activity, not a CHORE!

2. Keep a record of the letters you have covered.

3. Go to Dollar Tree and find objects all beginning with the phonetic sounds, and place them on a tray. Review their names.

4. Add various objects with phonetic sounds tray and see if your child can identify the current work. Example: If you are working wiht phonetic sounds B and T, make sure your child can identify the objcets that begin with those sounds.


All your help and support in these crucial years of child development is so important for your child's future educational years!

Thank you to the Delapaz Family and Pulliam Family for sending us pictures of your little cuties in action learning at home!!

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