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Educating young minds in their first planes of development.



Our students are engaged with the Montessori environment, including the following content areas: Practical Life, Sensorial, Mathematics, Language, and Geography, Arts and Peace Education.


Sensorial- lays a solid foundation for mathematics, geometry, geography, botany, art and music. The materials are self-correcting and so the children become comfortable with the fact that errors are essential to the process of learning.


Practical Life- Activities that develop independence, fine and gross motor skills, social skills and confidence. These are genuinely useful jobs that keep the work environment neat and tidy, and allow the children to learn using their imagination as they are working with real things.


Mathematics- is about understanding relationships in the environment and being able to express them in abstract terms. In the primary Montessori children's house, materials such as the number rods, spindle boxes and golden beads provide concrete learning. The children learn to count, associate quantity and numerals, and gain a sensorial impression of the decimal system.


Language- Our language materials are based on a carefully structured phonetic approach to writing and reading. At first the children learn sensorially by tracing sandpaper letters with their fingers while being told the sounds. Soon, they are writing simple words with the movable alphabet, matching words with objects and  soon reading their first words and books.


Cultural Studies/Geography- Our cultural studies bring an awareness that everything in the universe is connected and all components depend on one another. This forms a ‘whole’ that works in harmony; we are part of this whole and our contribution towards the well being of this whole is important.Children use globes, puzzle maps and flags, which help them to build their understanding of other countries, cultures and people. Children use pictures and name cards to match, classify, and name the elements and species of the natural world. Classroom plant tending and caring for pets help to form a bridge between the child’s knowledge of the immediate environment and the world around them.


About our VPK Program

We are an approved VPK provider in Hillsborough County. We know how important it is to strengthen your child's most important years in the sensitive period. We want it to be a successful journey for your child. Please inquire with any questions you have about our program.

Kindergarten-We are a credentialed private school which serves children through the kindergarten ages. Inquiry within for availability.


Classes and Curriculum

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