June 8, 2018

Here at Early Steps Montessori Academy we are starting our summer with adventurous hands on learning experiences. 

Camping and Water Days are a great way to  enjoy our summer weather and cool off with water FUN! 

Join us next week as we explore the nation of Russia and l...

From birth to six years old, a child experiences what Montessori believes are sensitive periods of their life. Simply, it is a period of time in which the child concentrates mainly on one aspect of his environment and excludes everything else.

This is when we see a...

August 28, 2015




Parents, please follow us on Pinterest for many exciting ways to engage with your child Montessori Style at home!



July 7, 2015

Hello Parents and Families!

This post is an extension from our July Newsletter about Language Development. Many parents  wonder if their child is on the right path for developing language skills, so this is a tool to help guide you in the Montessori way ;-)

In our newsle...

Tips for parents and families of beginning readers and kids that are beginning to show interest in books:

~Pay Attention, Please...

According to the Bowdoin Method, if parents are paying close attention to their children when reading or pretending to read, they will be m...

May 5, 2015

Resources for parents of prewriters:



Check out this free resource an awesome parent shared that will allow you to create and print your child's name for handwriting practice:



Fine Motor skill practice:


January 9, 2015


Check out these Montessori Style ideas from some of our favorite go-to sites for Montessori Infused Learning At Home:

1.Free Montessori Materials Online(Lots of free printables to go with manipulatives)

Free Montessori Materials Online

Blog post at LivingMontessor...

November 3, 2014

Phonological Awareness Practice Activities for Parents Part 1:

Try to do a few activities each week.

Talk about what rhyming words are. (words that have the same sounds at the end). Ask if these pairs rhyme: book/look, tar/car, hat/shoe, call/ball


Read a story today. Be...

October 15, 2014

We will be celebrating our love for books and watching as characters from our favorite children's books come to life! Your child gets to choose his favorite story and pick a character to dress up as. (Please no fantasy, spiderman, etc-see newsletter for more details)Te...

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